Celebrating Outstanding Ofsted Grades

In all areas for early years provision

Little Bears Pre School Shebbear are celebrating outstanding Ofsted grades in all areas for early years provision.

This is a great achievement and a result that the staff, committee, parents and children are all extremely proud of.

The report is full of positive comments about the pre school and children.  This is a summary of Ofsteds key findings;

– Staff have a very secure understanding of child development and they use this knowledge effectively to plan exciting activities for children.

– Partnerships with parents are exemplary, enabling a consistent approach between home and pre-school.

– Educational programmes are unique both inside and outside; this ensures children learn through motivational and inspiring activities.

– Staff have a thorough understanding of safeguarding procedures and implement these consistently to keep children safe from harm.

– Staff have extremely effective links with other professionals, enabling children to feel confident in their move to school.

– Children’s needs are exceptionally met, enabling all children to reach their full potential.

– Children learn about healthy lifestyles through nutritious snacks, although staff do not always help them to understand the effects of physical exercise on the body.

To read the full report please see the Ofsted website.

Well done to Jane, Jo and the committee for all your hard work!