Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance

Dear Parents and Carers

Please be aware that we are doing as much as we can to protect the pre-school from COVID-19, please see below some information from the team at the pre-school and the CIO:

  1. If your child, you as a parent or carer have been in contact with an infected person or a person on self isolation please phone through to the pre-school on 01409 282856 to discuss your childs/childrens attendance at the pre-school. Please do not arrive at the pre-school to discuss, please phone through in advance of your child’s session. If you are un-sure then again please do phone the pre-school before your childs/childrens session. We have staff members that are on site from 08:30am to take your call. We shall be assessing your child’s health on a daily basis, please do not be alarmed if we contact you to collect your child. Safety of the children and our staff is paramount.
  2. Please do not send your child to the pre-school if they have a persistent cough, flu like symptoms, temperature and generally not well. Children should be kept home for 14 days if this is the case.
  3. Please can children NOT bring any home toys/books into the pre-school until further notice.
  4. We have put together an information pack on COVID-19 which is available to read at the pre-school at anytime. This pack includes information from the government and our own risk assessment that we have undertaken.
  5. The staff at Little Bears will be signing your child in the register for the foreseeable future. Please notify us of any changes to your emergency contact numbers.
  6. All red book bags will now be staying at the pre-school. If you would like an update on your child’s learning we will be happy to update you at an arranged time.
  7. We shall be cancelling any planned trips, external visitors, events and fundraising events for this term.
  8. We will be working in close contact with the primary school and in the event that Shebbear Community School closes we shall have to follow suit and close the Pre-School. If this happens we shall contact all parents and carers at the earliest opportunity.

Please do not hesitate to contact the pre-school if you have any questions, we shall continue to update you on any further changes and announcement’s each day the pre-school is open.

Kind Regards
Jane Elston and Team 01409 282856
Victoria Tonkin and CIO team 07964742928