Little Bears Facilities

Plenty to keep your little bears’ busy

With so many fun activities your child won’t know what to tell you about first

Children have access to many books, toys, games and puzzles as well as a home corner, dressing up clothes and hats.

There are also areas where children can paint, draw and stick whenever they like. Plus they also have access to sand and water tables.

Outside facilities

The children have access to two outdoor areas, both securely enclosed. One is our newly developed outdoor area, which includes our outdoor learning shelter. Children can also climb, slide, play in the playhouses and enjoy lots of other toys.

Little Bears Playing
Little Bears Playing
Parents comments about the new shelter


Great that the children can get outside even when the weather’s not great

Being outside is really important to my child and the new area enables him to spend more time outside

Love it

Little Bears Playing
Little Bears Playing