Parent / Guardian Questionnaire Results

We sent out 18 questionnaires and had 9 back with parent/Guardian Comments recorded below
Little Bears Pre-School Shebbear

We sent out 18 questionnaires and had 9 back with parent/Guardian comments recorded below

Do you feel welcomed by staff when arriving at Little Bears before and after sessions?
Yes / No


  • Always met with a smile.
  • Staff are always friendly and welcoming.
  • Always helpful with any queries and accommodating with any extra hours even at short notice.
  • We are always welcomed with a smile for handovers.

Do you feel that you have been informed by staff about new topics/Ideas and events?
Yes / No


  • It has been great to read about upcoming topics so that we have been able to reinforce them at home with books we can read.
  • Frequent emails.
  • Very impressed with the different topics covered and related activities.

Would you be happy to contribute to Little Bears with any planning ideas from your child’s/children’s interests or trip ideas?
Yes / No

Does your child/children share experiences from the pre-school sessions with you?
Yes / No
Can you tell us of any in particular experiences?

  • Hoola hooping, Singing the welcome song, painting, baking, my child is really proud looking through her learning diary and described each photograph to us.
  • My child has enjoyed telling us about the life cycle of a butterfly. The visit from the really wild has been one of the favourite experiences, especially holding a snake.
  • Loves baking and always comes home saying what they have made. Also the reptiles came into pre-school.
  • That she reads to other children that play with her.
  • More so now my child is talking more and his speech is coming along.
  • Shares everyday activities and songs sung together.
  • Loved telling about the really wild visit, planting seeds and cooking.
  • Creepy crawly session, baking, craft and playing with friends.
  • Not often, just who he played with so the diaries and newsletters are a key to understanding what he’s been focusing on.

Do you feel the home diary works well, as part of the communication between both parent/carers and staff in supporting your child’s development?

Yes / No

Would you be happy to regularly write comments back to staff in?
Your child’s diary?

Yes / No

  • Nice to have them back after covid and its good talking point for my child at the end of each session and reference what he has done.

Do you know who your child’s key person is and what their role is?
Yes / No

  • Vicky or Jill
  • Mrs Elston
  • Yes
  • Jill

Are you aware that you have access to your child’s learning journal at all times and able to speak to your child’s key person with any concerns?
Yes / No


  • Do you think the Pre-School helps your child to have a healthy lifestyle? E.g. snacks in the morning and afternoon. Yes / No
  • Continues what we do at home defiantly helps seeing peers eat.
  • Yes it’s a good chance for them to try new things.
  • Very much so.

Do you know how the Pre-School and school supports your child’s transition to primary school?

Yes / No If applicable.


We would like to find out if any parents would be interested in a breakfast club or after school club working with the school to provide wrap around care.

Breakfast club 8am-9am. Yes x 3/ No
Days: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

After school 3.30-5.30pm Yes x 2 / No
Days: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

Does your child have a sibling that you would be interested in bringing to a play and stay session on a Wednesday afternoon if this was re- started again?
NA / Yes


  • I would like to bring my bump when he’s born.
  • We would love to bring our child to stay and play. My other child really enjoyed the sessions as a young toddler. It was lovely to have a local group to attend.

We would appreciate any additional comments as your feedback is always really important to us: Thank you.

  • We are really happy with Little Bears, my child always comes out happy and smiling. My child talks very warmly about.
  • Fantastic and supportive environment, really helped my child to get back to a new, normal, Thank you.
  • She always comes home happy and smiling.
  • My child loves coming to pre-school and always looks really happy at collection. He’s settled really well and we have been very happy with everything so far. Staff are always kind and friendly and have coped amazingly during the difficult Covid period.
  • Staff are always friendly and happy to help.
  • Little bears is a fantastic pre-school and we feel our child has been well supported through all areas of her development, even with the Covid restrictions in place. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of all the staff.

You are welcome to email: at any time.

Thank you very much from all at Little Bears.